Born to Explore
   Producer Richard Wiese and
   Mercedes Velgot for ABC

Live to Tell
   for CBS

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V
  Producer by 4K Media
  Theme song and episodes

Sleeping with the Fishes
  Producer by Nicole Gomez Fisher
  TStaring Gina Rodriguez

Frozen Planet
  Producer by Discovery Channel
  Scoring and Orchestrating

Hardcore Pawn
   for TruTV
Beyond Top Secret
   Producer Peter Klein/CBS
   for The History Channel

Psychic Children
   Producer Janis Klein/CBS
   for A&E Television

Psychic History
   Producer Janis Klein/CBS
   for the History Channel
Murder by the Book
   for Court TV
America’s Most Wanted
   Numerous Episodes
   for FOX
Skeletons of the Sahara
   for The History Channel
E*TRADE commercial
Ameritrade commercial
One Week to Save a Marriage
   Producer Boaz Halaban
   with Julian Harris
   for The Learning Channel
Robo Warriors
   Producer Janis Klein
   for The History Channel
Mystery in the Mountains
   Producer Shana Hildebrand
   for Court TV: Power, Privilege
   & Justice
Nancy Grace: Murder in Room 103
   Producer Tom Downey
   for Court TV

2005 and before

The First 48
Season 2, Numerous episodes including: Downstream Drifter / Murder in Room 162, Producer David Felsen
Fallen / Texas Burning
Producer Jon Nealon
Devil’s Candy
Producer Ted Bourne
A&E Biography
Numerous episodes including: Robert Blake, Candice Bergen, Richard Branson, George Carlin, Andrew Cunanan, Walter Cronkite, Peter Falk, Bob Fosse, Carrie Fisher, Marg Helgenberger, John Glenn, Google, Judge Judy, Ethel Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Greg Louganis, John McEnroe, Leslie Nielsen, Carroll O'Connor, Sandra Day O'Connor, Bill Paley, Cal Ripkin, Tony Robbins, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Martha Stewart, Anwar Sadat, Cheryl Tiegs, Ben Vereen
Cold Case Files
Numerous episodes including: Accidental Killer, Blood Money, Cop Killer, Evil Twin, and Zodiac Killer
Numerous episodes
Suicide Bomber
Producer Janis Klein

Numerous episodes

Entertainment Tonight
Numerous episodes

Court TV
Investigators: Alien Conspiracy
Producer Gretchen Eisele
Investigators: Twisted Plot
Power, Privilege and Justice:
   Mystery in the Mansion
   Murder in the Forest

Producer Shana Hildebrand
Mug Shots: The Deadly Drive of Clara Harris
Producer Gretchen Eisele

Discovery Channel
Robert Hanssen: The X Rated Spy
Producer Tom Seligson /CBS
Demolition Day: Three Rivers Stadium
Producer Tom Seligson /CBS
Night Stalker: Born to Kill
Producer Kevin Huffman/CBS

Discovery Health
Blood Brother, Baby Hope
Producer Gordon Rothman /CBS

America’s Most Wanted
Numerous episodes
Judge Hatchett
Numerous episodes

The History Channel
History Undercover: Echelon
Producer Emily Johnson
Black Aviators Flying Free
Producer Andy Rothstein
Night Stalker: Born to Kill
Producer Kevin Huffman/CBS
The History of Poker
Producer Randy Martin
High Tech Weapons
Producer Linda Martin
Cover Up: Attack on the USS Liberty
Dead Reckoning
Numerous episodes
Iraq War (5 part miniseries)
Producer Randy Martin, Jan Albert, Gail Janson
Traitors Within
Producer Linda Martin
Beyond Desert Storm
Producer Tom Seligson /CBS
War on Terror
Producer Emily Johnson
America’s New War
Producer Linda Martin /CBS

The Learning Channel
Miami Morgue
Producer Tom Seligson/CBS
Dead Tenants
Producer Grenada America

Lifetime Television
Crises in America (Lifetime Special)
Producers Joseph Feury and Lee Grant
Be Your Own Hero (Lifetime Special)
Producer Rosemary Syscs
Intimate Portrait
Numerous episodes including: Bella Abzug, Jane Alexander Lauren Bacall, Laura Dern, Betty Friedan, Teri Garr, Tipper Gore, Lee Grant, Star Jones, Florence Griffith Joyner, Madeline Kahn, Margot Kidder, Swoosie Kurtz, Parker Overall, Holly Robinson Peete, Vanessa Redgrave, Lela Roshan, Jessica Tandy
Producers Joseph Feury, Lee Grant, Valerie Shepard, Caroline King, Donna Edge Rachell

National Geographic Explorer
Numerous episodes including:
“Rhythms of Life”, “Ice Climb”,
“The Photographers”, “Bear Attack!”, “Nightmares of Nature”, “National Geographic Explorer: 10th Anniversary”, “Gazelles: Life on the Run”

Headliners and Legends:
Numerous episodes including: Tina Turner, Carroll O’Connor

Race to the Altar
Numerous episodes
Stars on Ice: Scott Hamilton and Friends
Tennis: Wimbledon Preview
New York City Marathon 2002

Inside Grand Central
Producer Erica Sashin
Inside the US Secret Service
Producer Erica Sashin

Travel Channel
Wide Open Spaces
Producer Partisan Pictures
America’s Sweet Tooth
Producer Bob Waldman
Homicide 90210
Producer Bob Waldman

Art and Outrage

TV Land Moguls (5 part mini series)
Producers Brent Alexander, Hal Lewis, Margery Baker, Jan Albert, Bob Waldman and Margaret Murphy

Ricki Lake Show
Numerous episodes
Ver Para Creer
Numerous episodes
Protagonistas de la Fama
Numerous episodes