Eternal Egypt

The opening piece I wrote for the National Geographic Special on Egypt. The overall score was a mix between Middle Eastern and classical music.

Olympic Promo

A promo piece I wrote for summer olympics 2006 for NBC.

Love Lab

The opening theme I composed for the series. I make use of a string quartet and some electronics on this piece.

Summer Breeze

The new direction the animated short, “Summer Breeze” is taking. Very 1960’s.

National Geographic 10th Anniversary

A mix of classical and World music.

Inside Grand Central

An Electronic piece I wrote for the NGE film,  “Inside Grand Central”. The fast pace worked great with this stop motion segment.


A piece I wrote for the movie “Kleopatra” which starred Alan Cumming. The cello solo was performed by Christina Cooper.


A campy/scary piece I wrote for the television series, “Dead Tenants” on The Learning Channel.

Washington the Warrior

A full orchestra action piece.

The First 48

A piece from the  television series I scored called “The First 48” on A& E. This is a dark electronic piece with high energy.

Tiger Spell

A show about Tigers in India.

Discovery Channel Promo

An upbeat piece I wrote for a Discovery Channel Promo.

Psychic Children

The open piece I scored for a show about psychic children.

Mysteries of Deep Space

I wrote this minimalist piece for a 3 part television series on space for TBS.

The Milky Way

A piece I composed for the Denver Planetarium. It was recorded in Prague with a full orchestra.

3rd Piece for String Quartet

The last movement of Three Pieces for String Quartet.

Sonata for Guitar Quartet

A commission from the New York Guitar Society.

Sonata for Solo Cello

This cello sonata is performed by Wendy Sutter.